Space Robinson

Space Robinson

Space Robinson is a thrilling adventure of an engineer on a distant planet.

The intergalactic corporation VAST sends you to repair the drilling rigs in colony number 21. A colorful planet, a friendly population, an ocean of ​​resources... What could possibly go wrong?

Explore the procedurally generated locations of the distant planet filled with secret caches and valuable resources!

Fight dangerous enemies that lie in wait for you day and night!

Survive in the wilderness, collect resources, build protective turrets and craft ammunition!

Will this all help you get home? It depends on you!


You can always choose a way to die, be it enemies, traps, or the night! Fight, level up, unlock new guns and victory will be just around the corner!

Need a gun that shoots lightning? Or need a first aid kit? It’s up to you to decide what to use in battle today! Collect resources and craft your dream loot!

Do you like to meet the sunrise, wrapped up in a blanket by the fire? Forget it! Build protective turrets to survive the harsh alien nights!

Someone has set up serious fortifications, but this isn’t an obstacle for your bots! Collect bot-assistants and destroy caches!

Start over and over again to find a way out! Explore all the locations to escape from this damned planet!

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